Caring for the environment

Omaplast has permission of Ministry for environment and place  of Republic of Slovenia behind processing of waste plastic packaging. At every takeover of plastic packaging to recycling, Omaplast confirms tally sheet, that he is earning as proof, that waste was worked in accordance with Slovene legislation.

With evidental document, that hi confirmed with our stamp prove your contribution to more to clean enviroment. Amount of worked waste records and annually marries to Ministry for enviromenta and place.

Company is doing regular measurments of ellipses to air and measurements of noise. It is found round previous measurments, that all are measured out of value under speed limits.

Omaplast is one rare companies, that can praises with contemporary device for cleanin of technological sewage. All waste technological water from systems of washing is purged and is using recyclings again in process.

Why is recycling important

Global production of plastics is increased every year. Some statistics show that quantity of plastics is reaching 300 million tons/year. We are sure that a part of these plastics can be reused.

Together we can save valuable natural resources

Together we can save big volumes of energy

Omaplast uses 90% less energy per one tone compared to production of new plastics from crude oil.

Together we can prevent air pollution

With every tone of recycled plastic we prevent up to two tons of green house gases that would be created in production of new plastics.

Together we can prevent environment pollution

We recycle waste plastics using the modern technology without any chemicals or dangerous procedures. Mechanical recycling does not show any risk for people or environment.


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Factory Račje selo

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