A wide range of plastic materials

PET - polyethylene terephtalat

PET is polyesther, formed from terephtalic acid and ethylenglycol. It’s robust and durable, transparent, physiologically friendly and heat resistant. Because of its low price it is suitable for wide

Use: plastic bottles for mineral water, heat resistant bottles, plastic wraps, plastic panels and synthetic fibres.

PE HD- high density polyethylene

It is harder than PE LD and PE LLD and useful up to 120°C.

Use: hard injected products, plastic bottles, sheets, plumbing pipes, pipes for gas, drainage pipes, cable protection, chemical apparatus housing, carriers for bottles and food, handles, containers for chemicals …

PVC vinlyls (Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC)

Due to its stable physical properties, PVC also has excellent chemical resistance and electrical insulation. PVC is divided into hard and soft. Hard is used for the production of pipes, panels, window profiles and the like, and soft is used in medicine, electrical installations, cable production, production of artificial leather…


Polyethylene is chemically simplest structure and one of most used polymers. It is formed by ethylene polymerization.

Characteristics:Polyethylene is chemically and mechanically very durable (at low temperatures), flexible, hygienic and environmental friendly, light and transparent. By various procedures it is possible to make PE with various characteristics and uses.

Use: shopping bags, baby dippers, newspaper wraps, bags for frozen food, sheets for laminating, chemicals, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, liquid fuels, lubricants, …

PP - polypropylene

It is formed by propane polymerization.

Characteristics: PP has lowest density, it is robust, durable, chemical resistant, at 100°C retains its shape and hardness. Because of its characteristics more and more used material.

Use: plumbing pipes, car parts, electric apparatuses, for chemical industry, cables, pipes, plastic wraps, food containers ( yogurt, margarine, bread,…), packing strips, injections (for one use only), infusion bottles,…

PS - polystyrene

There are:

Use: containers for food (yogurt, cream…), plastic dishes, boxes for medicine, apparatus housing, parts of cooling system, use in construction …

Other material

With this label are usually marked non recyclable materials. Those materials are mostly composites from different plastics which cannot be separated. Because of that, recycling of such plastics is in most cases not possible.


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