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Recovery procedures


Waste materials, gathered for different manufacturers very often contain paper, stickers, metal parts, wood and other materials, that do not belong to plastic material. Because of that, plastic waste material has to be hand cleaned and sorted by kind of plastic material. Following is the sorting stage. Separating is most difficult procedure, considering the fact, that the plastic mixed with other materials results in poor quality granulate and consequentially our partners disapproval. So this stage is very important part of recycling process, because we want to offer our buyers the best there is. Sorting is done by hand or mechanically, hand sorting is very efficient but it is not cost effective. Metal parts, wood, paper, glass has to be taken out, so that the process of recycling is easier and faster.


Following recycling procedure is grinding. Waste materials are grinded in big mills, volume is reduced and material gets appearance of grain. Grinded plastic in form of grains,( because of its weight and shape) is easier to store, dose in to silos, and further into production machinery.


After grinding procedure material needs to be washed. Process runs automatically and washes only by friction. No chemicals are added into the system.  All water used in the system is recycled and reused in closed loop.  


Last recycling stage before packing is granulating. Basic concept of the process is that the material gets heat processed, filtrated and homogenized. It is important that material filtration is on high level, if we want to make sure, that our product is pure and of good quality. We guarantee buyers, (because of material homogenization) constant quality and undisturbed production. After granulating, the final product is than packed in various ways, best suited to the buyers needs.

Final product is granulate, which can be used in further production of various plastic products.

Storage of packaging waste

Plastic packaging waste is stored in various forms. Waste materials are typically compressed into bales or delivered in bulk in containers. Waste materials are supplied by industrial plants, various waste collection centres, sorting plants, and waste sorting systems. Thus, waste from failed production batches, consumer waste, and industrial plants (packaging waste) is processed. It is important that hazardous waste materials (acids, oils, varnishes, etc.) are not accepted in the recycling process. All waste plastic materials must be pre-separated or neutralized from hazardous substances.

Quality control

Market demands are increasing on a daily basis, and we recognize that only high-quality materials can compete in the market.

Each batch of material is subjected to separate quality control. We can always assure the customer that the materials meet the required characteristics. Based on our experience, we can advise each customer on which material to use for a specific product. In addition, we provide a technical sheet for recycled materials manufactured in our company.


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